Our Team

“A Bomitali home should make you feel proud and happy. You will feel complete, knowing this is everything you dreamed of, and more!”

Michael Bomitali, Director

I love the challenge and Excitement around starting a New Project. We Picture & Build the house in our heads and look over the Plans and Specs thoroughly before we even start! Meaning once we actually start it’s such an easy process and there isn’t any surprises, Because we put the work in early to be organised.


I love bringing an idea to life and watching the reactions on the Clients faces as they finally see there dream house coming together.

We strive to keep evolving and get better at what we do everyday and keep this standard through all of our trades.

Alex Bomitali, Director

I am in the process of building my dream house atm and I keep taking little bits of inspiration from each job we are lucky enough to Build. We are very lucky to do a big variety of projects using different claddings, Designs and concepts meaning it’s very hard for My wife and I to decide on the finishes in our own home. As there are just so many amazing products out there now!


My favourite thing about finishing a project is the satisfaction knowing that when we hand the client the keys we have created the best version of that house/project that we could do. Doing this means our Clients and Us are Proud to show off there new home and are super thrilled with the finishes. We treat every project like our own home and strive for perfection. We just love what we do !